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Our Credit Card Gateway provides a solution for processing payments in real time.

Enable your business to complete both online and over the phone payments with Telads’ payment gateway services. Receive revenue instantly through Telads credit card processing services available anywhere in Australia. Payment gateway technology connects your online or over the phone transactions directly to your bank account, in order to process your sales quicker.

Some businesses utilise third-party payment gateway options. This is fraught with danger as third-party processors, whilst seeming cheaper initially, work out to be more expensive in the long run. Payment gateways in Australia, such as the services offered by Telads, processes the transaction on behalf of the merchant, just as the software on an EFTPOS machine at your local supermarket would do. This eliminates the payment delays that are associated with third party processors, meaning you receive your profits fast!

We provide payment gateway provides online transactions and phone billing that is connected to your business, eliminating the long-term costs and payment delays associated with third party providers.

Telads is Australia’s best provider of payment gateway technology, providing your business with a credible revenue stream for sales made online or over the phone. Credit card transactions are made easy with Telads premier payment gateway technology. Comparisons between Telads and any other payment gateway provider in Australia will always rank Telads as the best.

Our technology has enabled many of our IVR clients the ability to process payments by premium rate and credit card offering which increases the revenue streams.

Why not get the full package? Enquire with us about obtaining not only our quality Australian payment processing services, but a 1900 phone number and IVR system as well!

Please call us on 03 9913 0500 or send an email a brief of your service requirements below and we will send a quote back today.

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