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Providing Marketing for, 1300, 1800
and SMS numbers for 
Promotions, Competitions, Voting, Direct-Response TV.

More specifically:

  • 0900 (NZ) and SMS Premium Rate Information Services
  • Mobile Video and MMS
  • 1300 / 1800 /13  Numbers , with 1300 Names.
  • Credit Card clearance facilities
  • Call centre solutions and Credit Card Gateway
  • Voice Blast & Sms  Broadcasting 
  • Direct Response Television solutions, Including call centre services and credit card clearance.

Our interactive voice response systems make IVR service easy.

IVR improves customer relation procedures through the use of interactive voice and keypad inputs ensuring an increase in revenue for your business. Telads is a leader within the marketing field of IVR systems and through our years of experience, we match you with the interactive voice system that suits your business needs.

Phone numbers & 1300 Phone Words can be created to suit your business and have particular recall for your customers.

Telads has partnered with selected banks to provide secure payment gateways for your online payment requirements. Please email or call us today.

This provides your business with a quick and effective means to increase your financial streams, all through the use of payment gateway technology.

Please call us on 03 9913 0500 or send an email a brief of your service requirements below and we will send a quote back today.


Installing a 1300 number for your business will enable you to provide customers with a number that is not only cheaper to call, but easier to remember, setting you apart from the competition. Telads specialises in Australian 1300 numbers, providing you with a cost-effective telephone option that will generate you more business.

An Australian 1300 number will provide you with:

  • A virtual number that will not change even if you relocate or change providers
  • A number that transcends postcodes and states
  • An easy to remember number for customers
  • A nationally recognised image

How do you get a 1300 number?

It’s easy with Telads! Australian 1-300 numbers are our speciality, enabling you to provide customers with a number that actively enhances your business image. Our team of expert consultants are able to advise you on everything to do with 1300 phone numbers in Australia, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether they are the right fit for your operations.

When it comes to Australian 1300 telephone numbers, the team at Telads are always the ones to trust. Our industry knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction always set us apart from the rest – call us on 1300 650 940 to install a 1300 number today.


Interactive voice response systems (IVR) provide your business with a competitive edge in any given industry. The IVR service provides you with an automated phone response system which, through receiving interactive voice responses and keypad inputs, is able to direct your customers to the appropriate area of your business.

Telads specialises in the supply of IVR systems in Australia, and can provide the appropriate responses to customer enquiries in the form of:

  • Voice responses
  • Fax
  • Callback
  • Email
  • SMS responses

Our IVR service is also able to connect with the Credit Card Gateway for any web or phone billing transactions

There isn’t much that our IVR service can’t do. Through the use of interactive voice technology you will be able to generate:

  • Pre-record information services with menu and sub menu facilities
  • Live advice facilities, computer help desk and dating services
  • Polling, voting and surveys – As used on Australian Idol
  • Competition services – Used in Ring and Win competitions
  • Data/online billing services – As used on RSVP.com.au

When it comes to interactive voice response, Telads are the ones to turn to. We offer IVR systems Australia wide, providing all customers with quality interactive voice services for their business – call 1300 650 940.

Our Credit Card Gateway provides a solution for processing payments in real time.

Enable your business to complete both online and over the phone payments with Telads’ payment gateway services. Receive revenue instantly through Telads credit card processing services available anywhere in Australia. Payment gateway technology connects your online or over the phone transactions directly to your bank account, in order to process your sales quicker.

Some businesses utilise third-party payment gateway options. This is fraught with danger as third-party processors, whilst seeming cheaper initially, work out to be more expensive in the long run. Payment gateways in Australia, such as the services offered by Telads, processes the transaction on behalf of the merchant, just as the software on an EFTPOS machine at your local supermarket would do. This eliminates the payment delays that are associated with third party processors, meaning you receive your profits fast!

We provide payment gateway provides online transactions and phone billing that is connected to your business, eliminating the long-term costs and payment delays associated with third party providers.

Telads is Australia’s best provider of payment gateway technology, providing your business with a credible revenue stream for sales made online or over the phone. Credit card transactions are made easy with Telads premier payment gateway technology. Comparisons between Telads and any other payment gateway provider in Australia will always rank Telads as the best.

Our technology has enabled many of our IVR clients the ability to process payments by premium rate and credit card offering which increases the revenue streams.

Why not get the full package? Enquire with us about obtaining not only our quality Australian payment processing services, but a 1900 phone number and IVR system as well!

Call 1300 650 940 for more details about Telads services.

The combination of the Telads voice and Video System has created an Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR), an exciting technology that combines traditional Voice IVR with the advanced video capabilities to be offered directly over web cam devices. Video IVR adds a new dimension to voice-only calls, dramatically enhancing the user-experience leading to increased, high-revenue traffic. If you require live cam and voice solutions please email sales@telads.com.au

SMS Broadcast and Chat Portal Platform – Our SMS messaging platform supports 2 – way messaging and has all content rules imbedded within the system for total compliance of the Premium Mobile ACMA rules.
The auto responder will deliver a context – based SMS reply to a mobile – originated request making it useful in a variety of applications such as SMS competitions, voting and chat applications etc.

The 2-way capability of our platform allows mobile users to respond to SMS Broadcasts initiated from the system, or to respond to offers published in other mediums such as print advertising. The platform has appointment reminder software capabilities for Hair appointment reminder, car service, doctor appointment reminders etc.

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