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Interactive voice response systems (IVR) provides your business with a competitive edge. IVR provides you with an automated phone response system which is able to direct your customers to the appropriate area of your business with live recorded & SMS messaging options.

Telads can provide the appropriate support and planning to ensure we select the correct IVR systems and service offering from;

  • Recorded Voice Response
  • Live answer
  • Callback notification
  • Email response
  • IVR Credit Card Gateway for any web or phone billing transactions

There isn’t much that IVR service can’t do. Through the use of interactive voice technology you will be able to generate:

  • Pre-record information services with menu and sub menu facilities
  • Live advice facilities, computer help desk.
  • Polling, voting and surveys – As used on Australian Idol
  • Competition services – Used in Ring and Win competitions.

IVR systems are available world wide – Please call us on 03 9933 8000 or email sales@telads.com.au 

Please call us on 03 9933 8000 or send an email a brief of your service requirements below and we will send a quote back today.

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