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Providing Interactive 0900, 1300, 1800 and Premium-Rate SMS
Promotions, Video on mobile, Competitions, Voting, Direct-Response TV.

More specifically:
  • 0900 and SMS Premium Rate Information Services
  • Mobile Video and MMS
  • 1300, 1800 Numbers, 1300 Names example 1300 Carpet 
  • Credit Card clearance facilities
  • Call centre solutions and Credit Card Gateway
  • Voice / Fax / sms  Broadcast Gateways
  • Direct Response Television, Radio, Magazine, newspaper competition service solutions (ring and Win, Call for Cash)
  • Telads also provide full call centre answer services with credit card payment processing for online and direct TV sales.

Our interactive voice response systems make IVR service easy.

IVR improves customer relation procedures through the use of interactive voice ensuring an increase in revenue for your business. Telads is a leading innovator with IVR systems and will organise the right interactive voice system that suits your business needs.

0900 phone numbers in New Zealand are a fantastic way to increase your revenue efforts, as it allows your business to deal with customer enquiries. Telads is also a leader with payment gateway solutions and supply a blended premium phone and credit card services.

This provides your business with a quick and effective means to increase your financial streams, all through the use of one payment gateway technology.

Please call us on 03 9933 8000 or send an email a brief of your service requirements below and we will send a quote back today.

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