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Our Credit Card Gateway provides a solution for processing payments in real time.

Enable your business to complete both online and over the phone payments with Telads’ payment gateway services.

Our technology has enabled many of our IVR clients the ability to process payments by premium rate and credit card offering which increases the revenue streams.

SMS 2 Pay  

New payment systems with Telads, PayLata ® and MyPurchase ®. which allow processing payments worldwide, accepting all credit and debit cards as well as post pay electronic payments invoicing direct to end users. Accepts all cards, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express transactions. Accepting card payments is just the start.

  • Online integrated Statistics and Live Operator console
  • Send receipts via email or text or print them out.
  • Integrate with Quickbooks or Xero.
  • Integrated Web sites and hosting.

The system is designed so the end user only needs to register once and we a VIP customer and invoice the customer for your services either Post call or pre call. Please note we have the ability to send customers a bill at any point, by the minute, daily, weekly, monthly. The accounting system also has the ability to organise part payments, similar to afterpay model where you can “layby” the service you provide.

PayLata  Services

PayLata is a product of Telads Australia Pty Ltd and is made available for payment on approved products and services.

PayLata is available on purchases of $40 or more with a minimum deposit of the total being made as the first transaction and then further payments spread over 3 weeks and or until full repayment is made. As an example, if you have a product or service valued at $150, the paylata system provides a repayment of $37.50 per week – see www.paylata.com.au for full terms and conditions.

Third Party Service Endorsements

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